Thursday, July 23, 2009

Post #74 -- A grammatical error

One day, John, Eilyn, Hong and I were at Spinky eating their famous fried rice :)

And we came across this :
" Please pay after the food serve "

John was like " right, that will never happen. "
And we all laughed.
Then, we came up with a brilliant plan! Which is to correct the grammar! And I dared one of them to change it.
( Mind you, Spinky restaurant is very open. And everyone can see everything you do including the waiters )
So, it was between Hong and John to change because they were the nearest to the sign :)
Long story cut short, John was brave enough to change it

into this :

Thats more like it right?

We just couldnt stop laughing. It was so hilarious. People were watching us, mayb the waiters even saw us changing it. We left the place satisfied :) Then, we came across another paper and guess wat! someone else changed the grammar too!

Great minds think alike, right?
Spinky owes us big time for saving their reputation.

Night, world. :)

Post #73 -- Equestrian Park.

Helloooo :) Yeah, about perhentian's pictures, erm.. I'll just post it up on facebook lar.. together with Singapore, Kevin's birthday, etc. Argh, im quite lazy. :( See my mood. haha.

Anyway! here's something different! Something new! Something ive never post up before, somewhere i've never been before.

The Equestrian Park

horses stable

a blackish-whitish polka dot horse.

Oo! i like this horse. Its different and hairy :)

Men preparing the horse for the competition

A very pretty white horse!

Mummy feeding the horse

They like eating carrots.

Its super ticklish when they eat it from your hand

Uncle that brought us :) he's a rider.

The layout of the competition.

One of the contestants

The top 5 winners

A group pic :)

Mummy's friends who brought us ;)
Yup, thats all. So cool right! We had fun. THanks mummy's friends!
Mum, can i learn horse back riding?. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Post #72 -- Guess who's back!

I am, i am! From Pulau Perhentian! :)
and BURNT. :)
Pictures will be up soon!
Here's a peek at how beautiful perhentian is.


ps./ after having much thoughts, maybe i don't hate driving. I just think its overrated. ( referring to previous post )

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Post #71 -- Driving.

Driving. So simple yet so complicated. Well, for me its complicated.
3 words - I hate driving. SHOCKED?

Its scary at times. Come on, admit it. Im sure you all had that teeny weeny bit of fear in your heart when your parents first allowed you to drive on your own. You act all strong and keep a calm composure in front of them to show that u are truly ready to face the roads alone, but really, deep inside, are you?

I always wanted to know the feeling of driving alone for the first time, without anyone else in the car. Just me and Begged my parents to let me drive alone for the first time. They finally approved. When i was sitting in the car ready to reverse out of the house, there was this fear of meeting an accident ( touch wood ), scratching the car, or maybe even worse.

Fine, maybe im the only one with the fear of driving alone. I guess it takes a lot of time to get use to it.

And you know what I most hate about driving?! ( many of u will agree with me on this )

The stress and pressure I get from my parents when they're in the car. It SUCKS. =/
I know they're worried and all, but they stress me out alot. It hits me emotionally, and i get distracted. Hence, things happen. Bad things.

I become very rude and im not proud of it. Neither am i trying to be the perfect daughter. But, they get on my nerves by asking me to "slow down" or when my parents don't trust my driving. That's the worst.

I guess i have to be more patient and know that its only a phase in life where they'll be in the car. Soon, ill venture out into the world with a car. Hopefully, my car. (that's if i continue to drive lar )
Sorry mama and papa for being so rude.
But soon, i'll earn your TRUSTS. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Post #70 -- 2nd day.

today was... really eye-opening. right Hong?

I know i had a lot of fun. well, not the huuhaa-jump-around fun. but the other fun. u know, the shocked-mouth wide open-looking at "odd and different" stuff fun.
I told a few of you how erm, shall i say boring, the first day was.

WEll, the second day was the total opposite! THANK GOD. :)

I wonder what the other two days left will be like, what will there be in store for us. Perhaps more unimaginable things to observe?

WEll, I know im ready for it, whatever it may be.
Its just the waking up in the morning part, which sucks.

Then, i went and watch Transformers. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Post #69 -- Singapura.

Im home.! :D

the 6-day trip was exhausting, really.

To sum the trip up, i'll jot down some stuff. Here it goes :)

Things that happened in Singapore :
- No handphone for 6 days!
- No internet for 6 days! ( well, i managed to use it for a few mins )
- My spectacle's lens chipped off :(
- Bought a lot of stuff.
- Drank bubble tea :)
- Ate ALOT.
- Used the MRT and BUS!
- Saw a lot of Pua Chu Kang and Rosie's posters.
- Singapore is very clean.
- Met relatives i have never seen in my life.
- Found out i have very cute, super duper adorable niece and nephew.
- Tried and am still trying to speak Hakka with my popo.
- Walked a lot.
- There are too many shopping malls in Singapore
- The sales were quite disappointing.
- Stayed in my mum's friend's condo.
- Didnt manage to see my good-looking cousin
- Saw NUS and Singapore Polytechnic.
- Amazed at how nice the schools in Singapore are.
- My new two week old white bag is now stained and dirty :(
- Visited Sentosa Island.
- Saw a lot of Ang Mo's
- Singapore is small.
- Singapore has a lot of trees and plant.
- Her stomach expanded. :(
- Roti Canai is called Roti Prata in Singapore
- Emo-ed a little

Things I learned from this trip :
- My phone got no international roaming. ( MUMMY! )
- I can live without internet! ( it was really hard )
- Put my spectacles in the spectacle box when it is not being used.
- Nah, i will still continue to shop. ( till i eventually drop )
- How much i love bubble tea drink.
- Eat, eat, eat like there's no tomorrow.
- Learned to used the MRt and BUs.
- Wear comfortable shoes.
- Singapore isin't very far away from Malaysia
- Never get my hopes too high up.
- I want to get married in the future and have kids and grandkids!
- Malaysia is really dirty.
- Never,ever bring new things on holiday.
- Never, ever buy a white bag.
- Singapore is very small.
- Singaporean's are really nice.
- Control my consumption of food.
- I can still be emo when i want to :)
- I expanded =(


oh yea, i started twitter. :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Post #68 -- GSS

and she's off to Singapore for a week :)

you all will be dearly dearly missed. :(

she's having super high hopes for GSS (great singapore sale).

Goo GSS!

bye,world :)